Himalaya Enfield Challenge 2008
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Date: 080912

Had a nice sleep this night. I did go out twice though, and it was real chilly. This moring was a nice clear view but it was still freezing.
We were woken up by two guys who served tea and left a bowl with warm water to wash yourself with. Again... what a luxery.

Danielle got another bike as the other one didn work anymore.
The guys drove to Leh and back to pick up this other bike. That was then a night trip for them.
Unfortnually Bert got sick this night and he had to throw up. Eddie is up and running again, and feeling better.

And we're ging to sleep even higher the next nights.

We arrived at our destination, after a tiring bumpy dusty road, but very beautifull to ride.
Along the way Danielle suffered a broken gas cable, which was fixed rapidly.

In the morning we visited lake Tso Kar at the other side. To get to there, we had to cross a plain where wild (?) horses were seen galloping.
We passed a nomad village which was deserted as they live in another area now.
Each year they move about three times arround the lake.

The next plain was mostly sandroads which resulted in a lot of sand-eating. It looked infinite huge this plain, there was no end to it.
But again, here also a very beautifull landscape. At the end we reached a hugh sweat water lake, Tsmoririr. It's about 25km x 8km in size.

We also stopped at a local school, as Danny, Danielle and Bert has brought some things with them to give to the school. Unfortnually the school was closed and we will try tomorrow again.

At the lake we have our camp, also between the mountains.
I'm very tired, and feel a headache comming. I took some asperine.

We have had dinner and i'm feeling somewhat weak. After playing some cards we all went to bed.

Tso Kar lake

What we thought of it => __"India will never let you go again"__
© 2008 Mike Beijerbacht