Himalaya Enfield Challenge 2008
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Date: 080914

It was tough to get to sleep. It was very hot inside and my roommate had a cold which caused him to snore.
Only when i'd used my earplugs i was able to fell asleep.

Today we will pass 2 monistaries which we will visit.
We will also go to a higher altitude and will we sleep in small tents.
Sounds to be a cold night ahead of us.

We arrived in the provice LaDakh. A very beautifull provence.
It looks like one big military terrain, overwher you look you see barracks.

While riding Eddie got a lot of grease on his things, the bike kept leaking oil. He switched the bike with Gal. Unfortunually the bike of Gal got a punctered frontwheel.
The trip was for the rest splendid, nice "tight" asphalt and great speeds.

In the mean time the left rear spring suspension of the follow car was broken. They had to ride very slow and easy.

We arrived at the camping, a piece of land from a farmer, at the foot of a mountain where high above a monastry was seen. It is a beautifull sight.
Earlier in the afternoon we visited another monastry, the Hemis Monastry in Ladakh, alogn with the musuem attached to it.
Here too shoes off, but we were allowed to photograph.

The name of the provance, LaDakh, roughly means "many mountains".
Well, plenty of mountains arround here.

Diner in a short time, and tomorrow we will visit the monastry. We are here a phew hundred meters higher and it will be a bit colder tonight.
Until then we chat about all kind of things. In the far we hear the prayer drums of the monastry.

That evening we had a good meal ll together in the "big" tent, with three candle lights.

This night we also said goodbye to Gal, as he has to pick up another group in Dehli, and we welcomed Konchock ( aka Koen ) as his replacement.

We were collected by the team to get out of the "big" tent, because the men wanted to go to sleap.

What we thought of it => __"A Must Have for everyone"__
© 2008 Mike Beijerbacht