Himalaya Enfield Challenge 2008
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Date: 080919

Had our wakeup call, went down 30 minutes later, ready for leaving. My stumach is making hungry sounds, but i need to be patient. I hope we get some food on the plane.

What a disaster at the airport. Checkpoints, checkpoints, checkpoints and again checkpoints.
Eventually we even had to move our helmets, which we had as hand lugguge, into our normal ligguge. That costed extra time, and everyone became frustrated.
No doubt that these additional checks had to do with the bombings this week in Dehli, where people died at.

We were hoping that the luggage will come alright and not damaged. We have to wait and see.

Again another extensive checkpoint passed. All needs to be declared, including your papers and what is inside your wallet.

All checkpoints are manual, even the boarding pass was written by hand. Automation has not yet reached these regions.

We are in a cab with air conditioning towards the hotel in Dehli. The flight was alright.

We arrived at the hotel. We had to wait for our keys, because we are a bit early for checking in.

Finally a room. Sat my stuff down, and freshed up a bit.

In the afternoon we went to the centre of Delhi by metro.
With the metro also a lot of checkpoints, because of the bombings.

Arrived at the centre we walked a round and took our breakfast at McDonalds. Unfortnually they only had chicken.
We walked back to the hotel, so that we could see a bit more of the life in the streets.
we needed to check very well how to walk back, because the map we received was not very detailed. Along the road we had a lot of rain, and we arrived at the hotel pretty wet. In the evening we had diner at a Pizza Hut. Again, no beef or other meat.

Went to bed.

What we thought of it => __"An unbelievable trip to experience"__
© 2008 Mike Beijerbacht