Himalaya Enfield Challenge 2008

With three weeks of experience in the saddle, we post some points we think they deserve attention.

  • The price below the line. With all taxes, ad hoc increases and medical costs, it was a bit more than intially expected.
  • You need some experience for this trip. We would not recommend this to an inexperienced motorcyclist, unless he or she has a big heart.
  • Given the "bumpy roads" it seems irresponsible to us to take a passenger, unless the person holds true adventure and has a good seat.
  • The mmotorcycles were no equipped with luggage carriers, so the extra bandages were not needed. ( 6 pieces )
  • Custom T-shirts as a souvenir for the leaving party could have been fun. We now had them made ourselves.
  • It was said that we would have dutch guidance, but it appeared on arrival that it was not the case.
  • It is recommended to bring sunscreen, take one which is stronger than factor 20. You burn quickly up there.
  • With us the team captain was changed at the end of the second week. That was a weird feeling, because we had built a band with him.
  • Make in advance sure which vacinations you need. There have been several different recommendations by the physicians.
  • The quality of our motorcycles was related to the maintenance level below what we expected. We have had a lot of repairs that could have been prevented.
What we thought of it => __"Absolutly worth to experience"__
© 2008 Mike Beijerbacht