Himalaya Enfield Challenge 2008
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Date: 080911

What was it cold this night!! Wat was het koud vannacht. I went to sleep badly, also because of the altitude, the thin air and the cold.
I went out bed twice this night and walked a bit.
We're about to start breakfast, and it still freezes while the sun is feeling warm. In the meantime our bikes are being started to warm them up.

Lunch. We passed to passes, of which the highes was 4800 meters.
Both roads, up and down, were bumpy with some small parts being flat with asphalt.
The valley we passed was very beautifull. All was brown and sometimes with snow in the middle of the river.
Along the way Danlielle lost her exhaust again, and a bit further her bike died permanently.
They had to change the cilinder head and adjust the valves. The mechanincs had a busy day again.

We are on route to lake Tso Kar.

Arrived at the lake. Still at some distance, but tomorrow we will visit it upclose.
In the last three hours some things has happened and seen again.
Our guide, Gal, went down on his bike twice, with Armit on the back. Once in a u-turn ( one the 21 turns on that road ) and the second time on the sands where he tried to change lanes.
Luckely the damage was very small, and only his ego was dented.
Along the way we also saw a hugh truck on his side in a didge, for which just a towtruck arrived. It's a strange sight, in the middle of nowhere, a truck on his side in a didge. Perhaps the good man fell asleep and lost control of the truck.
All the way was only sand, sand and gain more sand.

Once arrived a the fixed camp, we were assigned our tent and had afterwards a nice hot cup of tea or coffee.

It's cold, again, and the sun has set and the follow truck has still not arrived.
We're wondering what could be going on, because all our stuff is in the trunck, including our sleeping bags.
We are having diner in about an hour, and then straight to bed, because i'm exhausted.
I'm now resting on the bed, and listening to my mp3 player.

We had a wonderfull diner, and played some cards afterwards. We learned Amit, our guid, how to play "hartenjagen". He picked it up very quickly, as he won all the games.
At 21:15 we stopped playing as the power generator is being stopped.
Ow, and after diner we received a nice hot jar to take with us into bed, and to stay warm. What a luxery... mmhh.

a long road ahead

Bike through a small pool

The ladies room

What we thought of it => __"Make sure you have enough spare memory cards for your camera"__
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