Himalaya Enfield Challenge 2008
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Date: 080904

Wakeup call



Tea break.
After some getting used to switching, I find it more and more a fun bike to be.
And here is a climb, a real climb! We run continuous hairpin bends.
The bikes were checked right afterwards, to see if nothing went loose on them.
The damage sofar:
- 1 loose headlight
- 1 clutch cable loose
- 1 sideview mirror off

The bike behaves quite stable and has a nice torque. You can drive with a low rpm.
Shifting goes well, but in itself i still have to work to get the thing into the first gear.

The view is beautiful. The place is called (phonetically) "Kempty Place"

We did lunch, which came with a lunchbox, prepared with everything in it.
Tried to get some photos, but that didn't succeed allways, because the engine constant went off.
So you had to kick your way around to get the bike running again. Very tiring.

On the way we have seen many monkeys. The boss of the group didn't like us much, as he even tried to
jump onto the bike.

Many landslides seen, which therefore we had to wait until the road was repaired by a bulldozer. The rainy season had just ended.

Arrived at a youth hostel in the village Hanul.

In the afternoon we experienced allready some things. After luch, about 10 minutes after departure, Danny got a flat tire.
So while the rest drove by, he was helped by the technisians and they repaired the tire.
10 minutes later he was again present. (We suspect that he drove above the speed limit, but we have no proof)

Every hour we stopped for a drink and a chat.
The road surface was as the day progressed, also increasingly unstable, but for local standards still a smooth road to call.

The moment of the day, was in the afternoon when we had to cross a water.
The local population was run out for us to look at that.
Unfortunately, I was the 2nd and just didn't make it across. My front wheel was on the dry and my back wheel
half a meter lower in the water. The engine stalled and I could not drive anymore. So they have had me pulled out. But I was dry .. :-)
For most it went all good, though some had wet feet afterwards. But unfortunately, the bike of Bert felt over, and the bike drowned.
After the necessary effort it was back on dry land, and there it needed to be emptied first, by start kicking it so the water came out of the engine.

With Danielle the exhaust was no longer on the bike, and it now sounded like a real Harley Davidson. It made her very cheerful!

We're about to have dinner. There is no electricity and we are given candles to use for light.
But we people from the west, don't use them, we all had head-lights or a flash with us.
Just before dinner, and in our rooms, we encountered several spiders. The biggest ons i've taken a picture from. That was one beautifull spider to see.

Today it came to me that India is indeed overcrowded with people. During the whole drive, in the mountains, on any place, we same an indian person. They are litterly everywhere.
Aap op een schutting

Een koplampg wordt vastgedraaid

Een buldozer repareert de weg

Reparatie van een lekker band

Een oversteek door een doorwaadbare plaats

De herberg bij Hanul
What we thought of it => __"India will never let you go again"__
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