Himalaya Enfield Challenge 2008
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Date: 080920

Slept great, and had some breakfast. It's raining outside. Promises to be a humid day today.

We're about to go to the city, as we have planned a city-tour through town.

In the hotel having a beer.
We were all afternoon busy with the city-tour. The most important land-marks in Delhi visited. Very nice stuff......
But what is the city busy and crowded... Everywhere you go, horns going off, cars, bicycles, tuktuks and people. Every cm road is being used. Sometimes very exciting.
Back home this would not be possible at all. No one is getting aggresive and everyone is looking out for eachother.
We are having some dinner, and we are being picked up arround 21:00 with the can to go to the airport.

ps. via the contact person of the organisation we learned that from the group who came behind us, a rider had broken his enckle. So, the end of his holiday we guess.
And the rour trip that started last week, when Gal had to leave, someone hurt his shoulder. Both suppose to arrive today with a flight from Leh. But it seems to be such a bad weather in Leh, that all flights have been canceled.
According to the contact person, this is the first time this season that this happened.

The rest of the gang arrived as well. Danny, Danielle and Bert visited the Taj Mahal today.

We are leaving for the airport.

Arrived at the airport. There was a very strict checkpoint at the entrance of the airport. If you have no proof that you have any business at that time, you were not allowed to enter the airport. René had trouble finding his e-ticket. Danny had fortnually an A4 paper with a list of all of us, which was accepted as evidence to allow René on the airport. That was no fine moment, to be checking your lugguge on the street. Eventually his e-ticket appeared to be in his tank-bag, which he overlooked at the start of his search.

Eventually passed all check points. Some of us had to show the content of the hand lugguge to be checked. In the end we were all allowed to pass through and we could take some coffee. We had to wait over 2,5 hours before departure. ( at 01:50 )

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