Himalaya Enfield Challenge 2008
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Date: 080916

Woken again with tea. Very nice to get up like this. Spelt very well too, and it is a beautifull weather.
We are going to pass the same top as yesterday, to go to Leh.
In Leh we will stay multiple days, to go afterwards to home.

We have passed the mountain pass. It was still cold, but not wet anymore. Along the way we stopped at a "hotel" in the middle of nowhere to have a cup of tea.

The mountain ride up was again nice and bumpy. Good training for the handbarrels... :-) Once we were up, we didn't stay long and started the decent.

Because we went down, i could take some more pictures, and then rapidly close the gap that was grown. And that was a lot of fun !!

And Murphy was present again, the rear wheel of Bert got loose. Fortnually he listened very well yesterday, and he checked the bolts at the axle. These appeared to be loose, and we had to wait for the follow car. Danny still had some troubles with his valves.

The rest of the trip down went smooth and we had lunch at the military "village" Karu.

we arrived at Leh, hotel Pangong, where we are staying the rest of the time before flying back to Dehli. In the afternoon we visited another monastry, 7km before Leh.
A beautifull monstry in which a hugh boadha was to be seen.
The view of the temple was also very beautifull, precise in between the mountains, in which you clearly could see the green in the middle to be seen as an oasis.

Leh is a big city and very crowded. Via several small streets we arrived at our hotel. Somewhat dated hotel, but very clean and neat. Electricity and warm water are here also a luxery. Here is also a shortage of those items, and being cut too.
Before going to diner we walked arround the city, and bought some souvenirs.

Time to go to bed, as we go tomorrow to THE top of 5600 meters. Iḿ looking forward to it.

What we thought of it => __"Have a journal book with you, there is much going on"__
© 2008 Mike Beijerbacht