Himalaya Enfield Challenge 2008
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Date: 080917

Breakfast. Again slept like a baby. We are going up to the top. It seems to be very cold up there, so that will be cold fingers again.

We are half on the way, and experienced again some things.
On teh way up we came accros a military colon of only trucks, which we unfotnually couldn't pass, as they stood still en all over the road parked.
The risk of passing with the bike became to big, and we decided to stop as well.
The trucks started to ride again, and we drove with a speed of 20-30 km/h up to the mountain.
At the check-post we could finally pass them, and we opened up the throttle.

After passing the snow border, the bike of Danielle quit again, and couldn continue. We assembled a little higher, and waited for eachother until we were complete again.

At the assembly spot we saw a truck fully loaded with live chicken pass. That was a funny sight at this altitude and cold. A truck with road workers in the back stopped the truck with chickens and did some buisiness together, where a chicken changed trucks.
So, trade is really done everywhere possible...

We reached the pass, Khardung La. Took a lot of pictures and bought some caps as souvenirs. Lot of wind, nice and cold.

On the road going down. The road is in a good condition and it is good weather. This road was much better then the road from yesterday.
we are on our way to Leh.

We're back at the hotel, having lunch. I took a nice shower and feeling great. IN a moment we go to town for some shopping.

This afternoon I succeeded and bought some gifts for the homefront. I'm completly broke now, no ruppie left.
Tomorrow we have a last ride with the four of us. I'm feeling up to it.

What we thought of it => __"India will never let you go again"__
© 2008 Mike Beijerbacht