Himalaya Enfield Challenge 2008
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Date: 080913

I've slept very bad. My stumoc was all night upset. I didn want to come out from above or below. I have to sick it out i guess. I took some more asperine.

Danielle was yesterday stung in het right eye by an insect. The eye became very thick and wasn't gone yet. She decided not to ride today. With Bert it is a little better, but still decided not to ride yet.

We arrived at the guesthouse. But there is no one present, as the owner is at some festivity of a Lama. Someone went out searching for the owner to get the keys of the guesthouse. In the meantime we did some lunch. I took some ORS (oral rehydration solution). I hope it will make me feel better, as it is not going well like this.

This morning we drove the same way back. It was rough and dusty again.

Allong the way we saw a lot of marmots, the big ones. Geert was lucky to catch them on film.

Along the way, I got a lot of problems with my stomach and felt cold and hot simultaneously.
I couldn't drive well. It felt like the stumoch flew or something.
I've stopped along the way to see if i could relief myself, but nothing happened.

The eye of Danielle was still not okay and was still shut. She stayed in the car.

The place where are right now, has also some warm water wells, multiple along the river, from which you can see the hot steam rising.

Took a shower with cold water and did some laundry washing. Fortnually, Danny had brought some rope along from which he made a line where we could have our clothes dry in the wind.
We walked some more in the village in the hope we could get something to drink somewhere. But there was nothing there, so all that we could by was a box with old chips.
The taste was fairly good, for chips that was overdue the expiration date.

Also saw the bathroom of the staff. A small low building with two entrances besides eachother, build on top of a warm water well. Unforntunally i couldn't enter it anymore, as two monks entered to do their thing within.

In the evening we had a good diner in the "dining room". The building was unbelievable hot and stuffy. Probably becuase of the warm water below in the ground.
At 21.30 we blew out the candles and went to bed.

The laundry done

Bus with people on the roof

What we thought of it => __"A super trip!"__
© 2008 Mike Beijerbacht