Himalaya Enfield Challenge 2008
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Date: 080909

A resting day at Keylong. Had a long good night rest.
It's allready pretty chilly in the morning. We stayed up till 23:00 yesterday, it was fun and cozy.
The woner sat in the corner of the room, waiting for us to leave. I think they are not used to that kind of hours.

We walked arround in the village, which was a pretty long walk.
We experienced some of the local habits, the local people, saw a lot of small shops, craftsman en schoolkids in their uniform.
I did succeed to post a postcard, which cost me 8 ruppi on the stamps to have it send internationaly. I was very impressed, that's less then 15 euro cent!
And it did arrive at his destination.
I've also changed some larger bills into smaller bills, because it was almost impossible to use the large bills in the shops. The result was a big bundle of paper in my pocket.. :-)

At the hotel we met three guys from australia, who also traveld through the country on an Enfield.
The guys had a though journey sofar. ( falls, broken bikes, and a whole lot of rain and mud ) I had respect for them keeping it with all this experience.

Had done a small wash of some clothes, and hanged them over the balkony to dry in the sun.

We've lunched all together. The rest of the afternoon i've finished a book and walked a bit more.
Danielle had bought a local costume, tailored for her size, Bert some souvenirs for home, a jacket, a bag and a big shawl. Bert was quite busy haggeling the price and was getting better in it. Eddie had bought a wacht, and has now a compagny watch with 1 year warranty. ( brand TIMES )

At 19:30 we had dinner, and afterwards we stayed and i ended up with a long conversation with the Indien poeple. The coversation started about the lack of electricity and the constant failure of power. It ended with the reason why they speak so quickly and unclear english in general. It was a very pleasant and educational conversation about money, politics, culture and projects. But most of he time we had a great laugh with eachother.

The next 5 days we will be camping in tents, above the 4000 meterts, and with little or no electricity.
We will experience in one day an altitude difference of more then 1 km with a tempature of arround the freezing point. Luckely the roads will be better then what we have seen until sofar. Breakfast at 08:00.

Vieuw to the mountains Monks in conversation
A view from the hotel

Local crafts

A jong woman
What we thought of it => __"An unbelievable trip to experience"__
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