Himalaya Enfield Challenge 2008
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Date: 080906

In the morning we visted the temple for a while. There were strict rules to follow, shoes off, socks off (bbrrrr) and anything lether.
So some of us, had to keep his paints up with his hands.
After receiving the 'red dot' some ruppi's were donated.

It rained all the morning.
We drove the same way back, and we deviate from out original route.
We would have driven via the Spitty valley, but there is been said that it is still closed due to the bad weather at the moment.
There seems to be a lot of landslided caused by the rain, and roads are difficult to drive.

Danielle had trouble with the bike again. During the ride she lost het exhaustpipe again.
Stopped right away, and took it on the back of my bike and went along with the trip.

There were a lot of muddy roads to pass, and at some points we had to rely on our bike expertises to be able to pass those sections without slipping and sliding.
In the end it was actually fun, and everyone performed very well at this.

Arrived at the new destination.

We have had a special trip today, and crossd a moutain. The top was at 3150 meters, and we are now at about 2300 meters.
The trip up, was special, being called a "bumpy road" and we certainly have experienced that. I got stiff fingers after hours of driving on this kind of road.

From the lowest point we went up in a very steep way, through a dense forest, with huge trees beside us. It was very impressive to experience. It was cold and wet, because the sun couldn't reach the surface.

The road was mainly a lot of bricks and holes in it, and small rocks all over the place.
Very intense and fun to drive, but it left a deep impression on my mind.

But also the road going down. Due to the high percentage of elavation, we could only drive in the 1st gear, and still would pick up more then 50km/h.
The road was sometimes worse then going up. Sometimes like riding a trial road. I had a huge amount of fun.

At the end of the day everyone was agreed to this day: "It has been a terrific party today!".

It's now 18:15 and it's getting dark outside. The beer tasted great and we are about to start dinner.
Tomorrow will be a smooth day. I'm curious about that.

My room is outside against the mountain on top of all other rooms. A hotel built straight against the mountain, 2 seperate buildings,
Mijn kamer ligt trouwens op de top van alle andere kamers. Een "hotel" recht tegen een bergwand,
walking path up to another outside stair, through the high grass up, to another outside stair, and there i reached my door... Phewwww, it's India, anything goes..
During the everning we have electra, to load our batteries, but not for long. In the morning the electra is off.
The tempel

Exhaust tight on the back of my bike

Small child next to the bike

Disnat view over the clouded mountains.

What we thought of it => __"A super trip!"__
© 2008 Mike Beijerbacht